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I paint with acrylics on watercolor paper, using the process of layering the paint and scratching back to reveal unique colors and textures in my paintings.


Jack Rabbit at Dusk - Jack rabbits are well adapted to their dry grassland habitat with their large ears, long lanky front legs and big powerful rear legs. I find their looks strange and strikiing.  This painting comes from a memory of a bicycle trip my twinsister and I  made accross the USA.  One late afternoon having made it into the Idaho countryside we began to set up camp in a potato field. As dusk approached suddenly out of nowhere several jack rabbits started appearing in the fields around us. They came from all directions.

Jack Rabbit at Dusk -original acrylic painting

  • Paper Size – 15” x 20”

    Image Size – 14” x 19”

    140 lb. cold-press water color paper

    Ready to frame.

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