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I treasure my Heni Sandoval painting. Heni’s work has a depth and soul that I really respond to. Something new and unexpected always shines through!

-Claire F.

My Art Story

Heni Sandoval

I paint on watercolor paper using a process of layering and scratching acrylic paint to reveal unique colors and textures.  The smooth absorbent paper allows me to bring out the light of the page and to play with layering colors. The vibrant, dynamic, color imagery of my paintings is reminiscent of art seen in my travels.  The natural motifs are inspired by my love of nature as well as my life in the South.  


I was born and raised in Georgia. I received a degree in Landscape Architecture with the idea of blending my love of nature with my love of art. I soon realized that working in the field was not a good fit for me. After a few years, I moved to New York City, became a Brooklyn Park ranger by day and an art student by night. However, I did not resonate with the personality driven postmodern paintings during that time. I found the art scene overwhelming.   


I met my husband in New York City, and we took a year to travel the world prior to moving to the West Coast. I was inspired while traveling in Mexico, Southeast Asia and trekking in Nepal. I saw art and craft integrated into the people's lives, with no ego involved.  That inspiration freed me. Once in Oakland, while working as a naturalist for the Girl Scouts, I started creating hand painted papier- mâché bowls - Dream Time Bowls. These were popular and shown in San Francisco galleries. 


We moved to Atlanta to be near my family, and we started our own family.  I worked as an outdoor educator at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and kept making and selling bowls at art fairs while raising our daughter. Later, I took a painting class and learned how versatile acrylic paint can be.  From there, I started painting and built two Etsy online stores where I sold prints and note cards for ten years. During that time, I sold my work at art fairs, art galleries and cafes.   


My early days of world traveling, my years of working as a naturalist, and my life in the South continue to influence my art. Three years ago, during the Covid lock-down, I had more time to paint. This led to my current focus which is to create larger pieces and continuing to explore color in the creation of abstract paintings. 

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