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I paint with acrylics on watercolor paper, using the process of layering the paint and scratching back to reveal unique colors and textures in my paintings.


Black Hole 2 - a new abstract painting in my space series. A Black hole is an area in space with so much gravitational pull that no matter or radiation can escape. I put a large black hole on the top edge and added planets and stars along with a sun. I painted radiating colors being drawn to the hole along with a comet. It was fun to paint. I love the looseness of layering color washes and then scratching back to see what’s created. I also enjoy doing the detail work of painting the spheres and star dots. Doing detail work helps to keep me in the present moment, at times I tend to overthink. I’m fairly pleased with the result.


Black Hole #2 - original abstract acrylic painting

  • Paper Size – 18” x 24”

    Image Size – 17” x 23”

    140 lb. cold-press water color paper

    Ready to frame

  • Please note that due to the production process, all sales are final for originals. If you need additonal photos or details prior to purchasing, don't hesitate to contact me  and I will be happy to help.

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